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Research interestsPhoto
Partitions, combinatorics, modular forms, analytic number theory

Larry Rolen

Some research I’ve been working on lately (for more, see tabs above)

  • Joshua Males and Zack Tripp. “Combinatorial results on t-cores and sums of squares”. Submitted. arXiv:2011.09989.
  • Kathrin Bringmann, Ben Kane, Larry Rolen, Zack Tripp. “Fractional partitions and conjectures of Chern-Fu-Tang and Heim-Neuhauser”. Submitted. arXiv:2011.08874.
  • Larry Rolen, Zack Tripp, Ian Wagner. “Cranks for Ramanujan-type congruences for k-colored partitions.” Submitted. arXiv:2006.16195.
  • M. Griffin, K. Ono, L. Rolen, J. Thorner, Z. Tripp, I. Wagner. “Jensen polynomials for the Riemann Xi-function.” Submitted. arXiv:1910.01227.
  • M. Alsharif, M. Gibson, D. de Laat, M. Milinovich, L. Rolen, Z. Tripp, I. Wagner. Title TBA. In preparation.

Contact information
Office: SC1227H
Email: zachary.d.tripp(at)