Alan Wiseman

Select Publications

  • Forthcoming. “Partisanship in Legislative Bargaining.” Journal of Theoretical Politics. (with Thomas Choate and John A. Weymark). (pdf)
  • Forthcoming. “Women’s Issues and Their Fates in the United States Congress.” Political Science Research and Methods. (with Craig Volden and Dana E. Wittmer). (pdf)
  • 2018. “Legislative Effectiveness in the United States Senate.” Journal of Politics. (with Craig Volden). 80(2): 731-735.(pdf)
  • 2017. “Spatial Models of Legislative Effectiveness.” American Journal of Political Science. (with Matthew P. Hitt and Craig Volden). 61(3):575-590 (pdf)
  • 2016. “Incorporating Legislative Effectiveness into Nonmarket Strategy: The Case of Financial Services Reform and the Great Recession.” Advances in Strategic Management. (with Craig Volden). 34: 87-118. (pdf)
  • 2015. “A Theory of Competitive Partisan Lawmaking” Political Science Research and Methods. (with Keith Krehbiel and Adam Meirowitz). 3(3): 423-448. (pdf)
  • 2014. Legislative Effectiveness in the United States Congress: The Lawmakers. (with Craig Volden). New York: Cambridge University Press.  Related Website:
  • 2013. “Price Effects and the Commerce Clause: The Case of State Wine Shipping Laws” Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. (with Jerry Ellig). 10 (2): 196-229. (pdf)
  • 2013. “When Are Women More Effective Lawmakers Than Men?” American Journal of Political Science. (with Craig Volden and Dana E. Wittmer). 57(2): 326-341. (pdf)
  • 2011. “Breaking Gridlock: The Determinants of Health Policy Change in Congress”. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. (with Craig Volden). 36 (2): 227-264 (pdf)
  • 2011. “Formal Approaches to the Study of Congress.” In Frances Lee and Eric Schickler, eds. Oxford Handbook of the American Congress. (with Craig Volden). (pdf)
  • 2010. “The Politics of Investigations and Regulatory Enforcement by Independent Agents and Cabinet Appointees. Journal of Politics. (with Kenneth W. Shotts). 72 (1): 209-226(pdf)
  • 2009. “Delegation and Positive-Sum Bureaucracies”   Journal of Politics. 71 (3): 998-1014.(pdf)
  • 2008. “Gerrymanders and Theories of Law Making: A Study of Legislative Redistricting in Illnois”   Journal of Politics. (with Michael C. Herron). 70(1):151-167.(pdf)
  • 2008. “The Legislative Median and Partisan Policy”   Journal of Theoretical Politics. (with John R. Wright). 20 (1): 5-29.(pdf)
  • 2007. “The Politics of Wine: Trade Barriers, Interest Groups, and the Commerce Clause”   Journal of Politics. (with Jerry Ellig). 69 (3): 859-875. (pdf)
  • 2007. “Bargaining in Legislatures over Particularistic and Collective Goods.”   American Political Science Review. (with Craig Volden). 101(1): 79-92.(pdf)
  • 2006. “A Theory of Partisan Support and Entry Deterrence in Electoral Competition.”   Journal of Theoretical Politics. 18(2):123-158.(pdf)
  • 2005. “Joe Cannon and the Minority Party: Tyranny or Bipartisanship?” Legislative Studies Quarterly. (with Keith Krehbiel). 30(4): 479-505. (pdf)
  • 2005. “Investigating the Dynamics of Political Compromise.”  Journal of Theoretical Politics. 17(4): 497-514.(pdf)
  • 2005. “Partisan Strategy and Support in State Legislative Elections: The Case of Illinois.” American Politics Research. 33(3): 376-403.(pdf)
  • 2005. “Contributions and Elections with Network Externalitites.” Economics and Politics. (with Adam Meirowitz). 17(1): 77-110.(pdf)
  • 2004. “Tests of Vote-Buyer Theories of Coalition Formation in Legislatures.” Political Research Quarterly. 57(3): 441-450.(pdf)
  • 2004. “Market and Nonmarket Barriers to Internet Wine Sales: The Case of Virginia.” Business and Politics. (with Jerry Ellig). 6(2): Article 4.(link to paper)
  • (An earlier version of this paper was titled “How Many Bottles Make a Case Against Prohibition? Online Wine Sales and Virginia’s Direct Shipment Ban.” Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Economics Working Paper # 258. 2003. ( link to paper)
  • 2004. “Interstate Trade Barriers and Regulatory Competition: The Case of Virginia’s Direct Shipment Ban.” Journal of Private Enterprise. (with Jerry Ellig). 19(2): 26-42.
  • 2003. “Taxation and the New Economy.” in Derek Jones, ed. New Economy Handbook (San Diego: Elsevier Academic Press).
  • 2001. “Joseph G. Cannon: Majoritarian From Illinois.” Legislative Studies Quarterly. (with Keith Krehbiel). 26(3): 357-89.(pdf)
  • 2000. The Internet Economy: Access, Taxes and Market Structure. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press. ( order here)

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Alan E. Wiseman
Chair, Department of Political Science
Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Political Economy
Professor of Political Science and Law (by courtesy)
Office: 336 Commons Center
PMB 0505
230 Appleton Place
Nashville, TN 37203-5721
(615) 322-6241

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