3. Political Correctness

Everyone learns at some point in their lives that some lies are more okay than others. We learn it’s better to tell people what they want to hear, what will make them feel good. We’re not supposed to be honest because, honestly, sometimes the truth hurts.

Instead we just say things that mean nothing. We tell fat people that they have great personalities. We assure stupid people that they just aren’t good test takers. We give mouthbreather little leaguers Best Effort and Most Improved trophies. People will go their entire lives without ever receiving truthful relevant criticism- something they can actually use to try to fix what’s wrong with them. We give everyone a blue ribbon and a pat on the back, constantly rewarding mediocrity, feeding unnaturally large egos, and most of all flat out lying.

Silence can be the most harmful lie of all. Saying nothing at all and letting people suck is worse than hurting someone’s feelings. Every time a motorized obese idiot (yes, that baby is sucking on her tit- no, that is not technically child abuse) scoots by and you don’t say anything, you only encourage that type of behavior. Sure we live in a free country. People can say, wear, smell, breastfeed however, whenever, and wherever they please. She can roll up and down the Hot Pocket aisle all day long. But we also live in a country with free speech. This is a freedom we rarely take complete advantage of. We let leash mom get dragged through the airport but always keep our mouth shut. Do you think your silence if going to fix her? Say something!  Offer her some good advice. “How about you just keep them in their cage and not try flying anywhere” “Maybe you should check at least one underneath the plane” “You should look into a hysterectomy” We can stop her. We can use our freedom of speech to say things that mean something, things that can change for the better.

Look no further that the leaders of this country to see how bad political correctness has gotten. The people we trust to lead us and protect us won’t even bother giving us the truth without a candy coating, if at all.

Any politician who says they have a “strong stance against illegal immigration” is really just saying lets keep those Mexicans out so they don’t take white people’s shitty jobs because they will complain in English.

Any politician who wants “to invest in educating future Americans” is really just saying you all are morons and can’t do anything right but hopefully your kids aren’t completely fucked yet.

Imagine a place where these people we supposedly trust actually said what they believed. What if they talked about changes that would actually improve the society we lived in. Debates would be about laws to get black people to not yell in restaurants, fines for adults who don’t know the difference between to, two, and too, regulations for the amount of makeup a teenage girl can wear.

These conversations are politically incorrect. They are controversial. They are offensive. They make people feel bad and force them to realize all they ways in which their lives are failing, People don’t hear what they want but what they need. What’s the alternative? A place where no one can do wrong and nothing that is broken is fixed. A place with backwards E’s and calculators to divide a number in half. Maybe we’re too free. If we really cared about someone we shouldn’t worry about hurting their feelings, we should try to make them a better person. Being politically correct shouldn’t involve white lies and half-truths. A real leader, someone who serves the masses and progresses our society into the future doesn’t lie to save face, they forget the bullshit for the truth.

Tell someone the truth today. You look fat in those pants, that joke was not funny, you should stop talking, you came in second place.

Tell them why they suck.

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