Proud to be an American

The first thing I thought about this video is that its unbelievable. But it’s really not. Are we supposed to act surprised when people are racist because its 2012?

Of course you would not dwell on the President being shot. Why lose sleep over some darkie who has “done nothing for this country” when you have Wal Mart parking lots to hang out in and a free high school education provided by the government to not take advantage of. The best part of this whole thing is that the secret service actually thinks she’s a real threat. Can you imagine a van full of guys in suits and sunglasses following her down the Dairy Queen drive thru every night? Sitting outside her window as Denise and her friends take politics/dominate cheetos? But apparently she isn’t getting in any trouble. That’s a shame. I would like to see her ordered by a judge to unhook her Internet connection and have to read for a year. Or maybe her punishment was that they told her that the camera was off during that whole report. Bright red t-shirt, hair back, and no makeup. I mean she’s dumb but come on.

“So you equate the President with the N-Word”


At least she has the balls to write nigger on the Internet.

(Holy shit I can’t believe I just did)

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