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During the past several years at Vanderbilt, I have been the instructor of record of three separate beginning-level French language courses. For each class, I have prepared lesson plans which aim to engage second-language learners in critical thinking and cultural comparisons. Students practice writing, listening, reading, and speaking in French through a variety of activities so that they might learn to be a more conscious citizen of their own communities and of the world.

Teaching Philosophy

Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I forget to remember. Involve me and I learn.” In my experience as a teacher of French, nothing is more important to students’ success than their involvement in the learning process. As a result, I believe that any instructor should do more than present material to students but should provide students with many opportunities to take ownership of their education. To read more click here: Cara Bailey teaching statement

Currently Teaching

Spring 2020: Criminals, True Crime, Detective Fiction (French 3891) – Teaching Assistant

This course examines the representations of crime and criminality in fiction, newspaper reporting, and criminological texts in nineteenth-century France.

Spring 2019: French in the World (1102) – Instructor of Record

Fall 2018: Accelerated French in the World (1103) – Instructor of Record

This course is designed for students who have prior classroom experience in French. Students develop their language competency through reading, writing, listening and verbal communication.

Spring 2018: French in the World (1102) – Instructor of Record

This course is the second half of a two-semester elementary French course. Students develop literacy skills in French by reading, writing, and talking about a variety of topics.

Fall 2017: French in the World (1101)

Spring 2017: French in the World (French 1102)

Fall 2016: French in the World (French 1101)

Sample of Related Work

Webinar, Using 19th century news articles in intermediate to advanced L2 French courses

Integrated Performance Assessment with Rubrics: IPA and Rubrics

Review of Words and Actions: Teaching Languages through the Lens of Social Justice by Cassandra Glynn, Pamela Wesley, and Beth Wassell (ACTFL 2014)  Words and Actions Review

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