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Position: Research Assistant I, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Department of Neurological Surgery

Position Description: We are seeking a full-time research assistant to work in the Brain Imaging and Electrophysiology Network (BIEN) laboratory in the Department of Neurological Surgery at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN to begin in early summer 2022. The lab uses MRI techniques and human intracranial recordings to better understand brain network problems in epilepsy — a common and debilitating neurological disorder. Normal cognitive processing in humans and other neurological disorders are also interests of the lab. The principal investigator (PI) of the lab is Dario Englot, MD, PhD, a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist. Please see our lab website at

The research assistant will provide, under direct supervision, support for the research projects described above. Duties will include collection of data (MRI and electrophysiology), data analysis with MATLAB and other programs, communication and presentation of results, and assisting in general laboratory operation and inventory. It is anticipated that the applicant will receive valuable scientific experience and contribute to published manuscripts.

Requirements: This position requires a bachelor’s degree in an engineering or basic science field. Experience is MATLAB and/or computer programming (e.g., Python, Linux) are important, and an interest in neuroscience is beneficial. Applicants must be reliable, honest, hard-working, independent, and possess excellent communication skills. Pending or recent college graduates seeking research assistant experience prior to applying to graduate or medical school are also invited to apply. The position will be available in early summer 2021 with a time commitment of one year expected, with the potential opportunity for renewal. Salary and benefits will be provided commensurate with Human Resources guidelines.

For More Information: Please email a CV, a brief description of interests and goals, and the names/contact information of two references to Dr. Dario Englot at

To inquire about other positions (graduate student, post-doctoral, research assistant), please email a CV, a brief statement of research interests and career goals, and the contact information for two to three references to Dr. Dario Englot at