CIC services are listed below.  To discuss any potential work, please contact the CIC.  A formal quote from the CIC is required in advance of any work, and the time frame will be discussed during quoting.

Key to estimate prices: [ 1) VU & VUMC | 2) External Non-profit | 3) All others ].

  1. Staining and data QC, 6x [ $2,817.61| $3,099.37| $4,508.18]: Staining, collection, & quality control using a single CIC Panel, per 6x unit.  This is the main service of the CIC.  Multiple 6x units can be used to accomplish larger studies.  Normalized FCS files and experiment overview provided. Does not include instrument time* or analysis.
    1. Antibody preparation, 6x [ $1,743.00 | $1,917.30 | $2,788.80 ]: Preparation of 6x samples worth of antibodies from an existing CIC panel.
    2. Helios Assisted Use, 6x [ $1,622.12 | $1,784.33| $2,595.39 ]: Expert operator assisted collection of 6 pre-stained samples. Does not include instrument time.*
  2. Antibody titration & validation [ $3,488.49 | $3,837.34| $5,581.58 ]: Metal conjugation & titration of an antibody (~100 µg starting), per clone.   Normalized FCS files & figure provided as desired. Does not include instrument time* or cost of antibody to be conjugated.
  3. Design & Research [ $850.07 | $935.08| $1,360.11]: Discussion of experiment and panel design for new studies, project scoping. Required for experiments including new samples types, panels not in the CIC Panels, or modifications to CIC Panels.
  4. Tissue preparation [ $797.27 | $877.00| $1,275.63]: Receipt & preparation of a tissue sample (per 7g / 10 mL tube).
  5. Data Analysis and Figure Generation [ $1,939.39| $2,068.35 | $3,008.51 ]: Advanced analysis of high-dimensional, single cell data by CIC staff. Price per tool, with a typical analysis package including three tools (UMAP, t-SNE, FlowSOM,  MEM, etc.). Detailed discussion of analysis goals required before purchase.

*Instrument operation [ $36.69/hour |$40.03/hour| $58.22/hour ]: Hourly rate for operation of MCCE mass cytometer. One can expect up to four hours of instrument time per set of six samples or per titration. More exact estimates will be provided during quoting.

Make sure to contact the CIC well in advance of any potential plans to discuss timing and a formal quote.

For details on methods or the basis of panels, please see the Protocols section or contact us for more information.