CIC services are listed below.  To discuss any potential work, please contact the CIC.  A formal quote from the CIC is required in advance of any work, and the time frame will be discussed during quoting.

Key to estimate prices: [ 1) VU & VUMC | 2) External Non-profit | 3) All others ].

  1. Study design [$300 | $330 | $480]: Discussion of experiment and panel design for new studies, project scoping.  Required for experiments including new samples types or panels not in the CIC Panels.
  2. Antibody research [$440 | $484 | $704]: Research into antibody clones & controls by CIC, per target.
  3. CyTOF training [$495 | $545 | $792]: Training a user in mass cytometry techniques (most of 1 day).
  4. Tissue preparation [$175 | $193 | $280]: Receipt & preparation of a tissue sample (per 7g / 10 mL tube).
  5. Antibody titration & validation [$1,986 | $2,185 | $3,178]: Metal conjugation & titration of an antibody (~100 µg starting), per clone.  User provides antibody & cells.  Typically, the CIC keeps the conjugated antibody for use in services and reports how many tests remain.  The user can also keep the validated custom reagent for their own work, if desired (this cannot then be used in services).  Normalized FCS files & figure provided.
  6. Mass cytometry, 6x [$2,275 | $2,503 | $3,640]: Staining, collection, & quality control using a single CIC Panel, per 6x unit.  This is the main service of the CIC.  Multiple 6x units can be used to accomplish larger studies.  Normalized FCS files and experiment overview provided.
  7. Barcoding, 6x [$755 | $831 | $1,208]: Add metal barcoding to standard mass cytometry 6x.
  8. Shipping, handling [$250 | $275 | $400]: Labor to prepare samples for shipping or to receive with data entry.
  9. Data analysis, 3x [$4,230 | $4,653 | $6,768]: Deeper data analysis to explore biological results from a set of data.  Each batch, staining panel, figure panel, or analysis tool will be counted as a new data analysis unless otherwise discussed in advance.  Estimate listed is for a standard set of three analysis tools for a single batch and panel (e.g. annotation, t-SNE clustering, and heatmaps / MEM).

Make sure to contact the CIC well in advance of any potential plans to discuss timing and a formal quote.

For details on methods or the basis of panels, please see the Protocols section or contact us for more information.