CV and Working Papers

Link to the current version of my CV: Carolyn J. Heinrich, December 2022 CV

Link to my Google Scholar profile:

Recent or forthcoming publications (2015-23) are available on the Publications tab of my website. I will be glad to send copies of publications from 2014 and earlier (see my CV) upon request:

Working Papers. Below is a list of working papers. If a link to the paper is not provided, you may request the latest version by sending me an email message.

Heinrich, Carolyn J. and Deanna Malatesta. 2022. Postmortem on a Public Sector Contract Collapse: The State of Indiana’s Welfare Modernization Failure. Working paper, Vanderbilt University.

Dickason, Christine, Heinrich, Carolyn J., and Mary Smith. 2022. Delivering on the Promise: The Role of Supplemental Promise Programs in Reducing Barriers to College Success. Working paper, Vanderbilt University.

Heinrich, Carolyn J., Ann Colomer and Matthew Hieronimus. 2022. “Minding the Gap: Evidence, Implementation and Funding Gaps in Mental Health Services Delivery for School-aged Children.” Working paper, Vanderbilt University.

Heinrich, Carolyn J. and Susan N. Houseman. 2022. Worker Hard and Soft skills and Labor Market Outcomes.

Carruthers, Celeste, Kalena Cortes and Carolyn J. Heinrich. 2018. “Why Does Mentoring Matter? The Effect of Non-Financial Support on College Enrollment and Persistence. Working paper, Tennessee Postsecondary Evaluation and Analysis Research Lab.

Heinrich, Carolyn J., John Hoddinott and Michael Samson. The Impact of South Africa’s Child Support Grant on Schooling and Learning.

Heinrich, Carolyn J. and Peter Mueser. Training Program Impacts and the Onset of the Great Recession.

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