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Anthropology 101 Course Notes Category

“Life and Debt” Follow-up: Jamaica and Structural Adjustment

Nov. 19, 2014—Nick Dearden writing in The Guardian (London) offers an overall update on Jamaica, debt and development, which continues to be heavily shaped by the neoliberal policies described in Life and Debt. Some highlights of his description: Over 40 years, Jamaica has been “rescued” on countless occasions. In the 1980s, the island became almost a byword...

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Some updates on the Three Gorges Dam

Nov. 10, 2014—Since Manufactured Landscapes was released in 2006, the Three Gorges Dam (Wikipedia entry) in China has been completed and made operational. Several of you mentioned its effects in your commentaries. Here are some further resources on the issue: In 2011, a Chinese government statement (original in Chinese) acknowledged the mixed results of the project. As...

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Filmmaker Stephanie Black on “Life and Debt”

Nov. 6, 2014—These pieces about Stephanie Black’s 2001 film provide more context about the director, the film, and her artistic and political intentions. “Life and Debt: Interview with Stephanie Black” by Cynthia Fuchs, Nitrate Online, 14 December 2001. George Sanchez, “Revealing the Transparent: Stephanie Black Unveils the Jamaican World Beyond Tourism,” Friction Magazine, 2002. Official film website:...

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