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Spring 2015:

  • ANTH 227* Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Major concepts and legal frameworks for indigenous self-governance, cultural rights, and environmental stewardship. Local and transnational indigenous rights movements. [3] (P)
  • ANTH 315* History of Anthropological Theory II. An advanced consideration of the history of anthropological theory from the mid-twentieth century to the present. [3]

Fall 2014:

  • ANTH 101* Introduction to Anthropology. The study of diverse cultures in the contemporary world. The ways in which cultures have developed and changed. Intended for students with a general interest in the field of anthropology. [3] (SBS)
  • ANTH 333* Race as a Cultural and Legal Construct. Historical and contemporary roles of race and racism in settler colonialism, slavery, the nation-state, and empire. Theoretical perspectives from social constructionism, anti-colonial literature, critical race theory, and standpoint theory. [3]

* Vanderbilt University course renumbering in progress

Spring 2014: On parental leave

Fall 2013: Andean Culture and Society