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Walter J. Chazin
Chancellor’s Chair in Medicine
Departments of Biochemistry and Chemistry
Director, Molecular Biophysics Training Program
Director, Chemical and Physical Biology PhD Program
ph: (615) 936-2210
office: 5140 MRB III

Vanderbilt University Center for Structural Biology
PMB 407917
465 21st Ave S, 5140 MRB3
Nashville, TN 37240-7917
(615) 936-2209 (Office)
(615) 936-2211 (Fax)

Interested in Joining the Lab?
We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to join our team!

Graduate Students
Graduate students typically join the Chazin lab after being accepted into either the IGP, QCB, or Chemistry graduate programs at Vanderbilt.

Rotation projects are conducted under the supervision of a postdoc or senior graduate student in one of our major areas of research. Rotations last between 5-8 weeks depending on the program and final dissertation labs are selected either at the end of the Fall term (Chemistry) or at the end of the first year (IGP, QCB).

Please inquire with Dr. Chazin about potential rotation projects!

Postdoctoral Researchers
Postdoctoral positions are available for highly motivated biologists, biochemists, or structural biologists. One position focuses on multi-domain proteins and multi-protein complexes involved in DNA replication, damage response, and repair. The other position is directed to infectious disease and the innate response. See listing below for details:

Postdoctoral positions available

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Chazin to learn more!