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Community Partnerships

Through partnerships with local organizations, we hope to:

(1) reach and connect with a wider network of Nashville-area families and

(2) share our knowledge with parents, practitioners, and service providers who are invested in supporting the development of children.

How does the Child Studies Group support its Community Partners:


Our faculty and graduate students can provide informational sessions to your staff and/or families you serve on various topics related to child and adolescent development. Additionally, we can work with our community partners to design parent-focused workshops that address a specific interest or need.

Examples of past workshops include Children’s Media, The Power of Talk, and Learning Through Play


Our team of Vanderbilt students is able to provide volunteer support for your existing programs.


We can serve in an advisory capacity or in a program evaluation role.


Using our social media account, we can highlight and share your organization’s events to our network.

What can my organization do to support the Child Studies Group?

Our work is dependent on the participation of a wide diversity of families.

You can help by getting the word out about us to families you work with. If you are able, please share with them a link to our website or Facebook page.

You can also support our efforts by hosting a study at your location. By providing us with a small and quiet space at your center to interact with families, our team can make participating in our studies more accessible to those who can’t easily visit us on the Vanderbilt campus. Sometimes, our studies include free educational programming for children at your location, and modest compensation for organizations and/or parents.

If you are interested in hosting a study at your location, please send us a message at 

Who are your current partners?

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My organization is interested in partnering with the Child Studies Group. What should I do?

We would love to hear from you! Please send us a message expressing your interest to