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Nikon SIM

Why Use This Microscope?NikonSIM
The N-SIM structured illumination platform is a super-resolution microscope capable of approximately doubling the resolving capability of traditional fluorescence microscopy. Unlike “iterative” super-resolution techniques such as STORM and PaLM, SIM does not require stringent sample preparation or imaging buffers and can be used with most standard fluorescent proteins and/or organic dyes. Our system is outfitted to accomplish 2D- and 3D- SIM on both static and fixed samples and TIRF-SIM for live preparations. Importantly, thanks to its integration with a high-end workstation and robust GPU, the lengthy SIM reconstruction processes of the past have been dramatically revamped to enable near real-time reconstruction and visualization of the contribution of parameter modification “on-the-fly”. Such advancements have speed up the SIM imaging process nearly 12 fold.


  • Andor iXon Ultra DU-897 EMCCD monochrome camera

Imaging Modes:

  • 2D SIM (multi- channel, -plane) live or fixed samples
  • 3D SIM (multi- channel, -plane) live or fixed samples
  • TIRF SIM (currently single channel) live samples

Excitation Specs:

  • Full set of visual cubes for blue, green, and red –emitting probes.
  • Diode Laser Lines and Power (measured at fiber tip):
    • 405nm, 21 mW
    • 488nm, 74 mW
    • 561nm, 78 mW
    • 647nm, 42.5 mW

Objective Lenses:

  • SR Apo TIRF (oil) 100x 1.49 NA WD 0.12

Charges: $33.75 per hour
Note: To use the microscope you must have an active iLab account. Reservations are made through our on-line iLab calendar.Contact Kari to arrange training.


  • MCN T-2216