If you are interested in hosting a scholar for a visit please fill out application – Institution Application to host Cottrell Emerging Scholars Visit

If you are nominating a postdoc for this opportunity, please share website and have the postdoc fill out application – Postdoc Application to participate in the Cottrell Emerging Scholar Program

Cottrell Emerging Scholars Program leverages the Cottrell national network of scholars and their institutions, through which postdocs from underrepresented backgrounds in the physical sciences visit another institution for a mock faculty job interview.

Visits are structured to fully simulate the real experience of a faculty job interview and culminate with structured feedback. The visits—which can take place at research intensive universities (R1s) and primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs), depending on the scholar’s career interests—serve a crucial professional development role, providing an insider perspective on the faculty hiring process. They also serve a much needed recruitment and placement role, intentionally connecting underrepresented scholars with potentially well-matched institutions seeking to enhance inclusive excellence in their faculty.

Host Institutions will invite postdoc for a seminar and visit with faculty similar to an academic job interview.

Participating postdocs will have all travel expenses covered, will receive a stipend, and may request childcare support if needed. Funding sponsorship is currently only for US citizens or permanent residents.


  • Call for postdoc nominations – July and November
  • Host to Postdoc Matching occurs in August and December
  • Once a match is made postdoc is notified immediately to schedule seminar in Fall or Spring/Summer
  • If a postdoc is not matched during the matching months then, their names will go back into the pool of candidates.