Schedule of Seminars


Jan. 29, 2021    

Dr. Jessica Stark, Stanford University

Host: University of Oregon

Fall 2020

Sept. 16             

Dr. Anna Ciurlo, Postdoctoral Researcher UCLA Galactic Center Group

“Gas Dynamics in the Galactic Center”

Host: West Virginia University, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Sept 30              

Dr. Edison Castro, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pittsburg

Host: Northeastern University, Dept. Of Chemistry

Oct. 1                 

Dr. Kelly Karch, Ohio State University

“ Revealing Histone Tail Dynamics Using Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Couples to Mass Spectrometry”

Host: Trinity University, Dept. of Chemistry

Oct. 22

Dr. Carlos Vargas, University of Arizona

“Why I Stopped Waiting for Someone Else to Map the Warm-hot Circumgalactic Medium”

Host: Syracuse University, Dept. Of Physics