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Research Lab

I maintain lab space in Stevenson Center 1 and 5 for mineral separations. Primarily, we isolate quartz and zircon minerals from whole rock or bulk sediment samples. In these spaces we can:

  • Cut, crush, pulverize, and sieve samples.
  • Clean samples with dilute acids and a sonicbath.
  • Perform density (LST) and magnetic (Frantz) separations.
  • Perform surfactant separations that distinguish minerals based on fracture and cleavage patterns
  • Dissolve minerals in Nitric, Hydrofluoric, and Hydrochloric acids.
  • Prepare samples for the SEM and LA-ICP-MS by mounting the samples in epoxy and polishing them.

Updates from the lab can be seen on my Twitter page: Recent tweets should also show on the sidebar to the right. Some pictures from the field and research lab are shown below.