As a geomorphologist, I seek to understand how landscapes change through time and how environmental changes are reflected across a landscape. To address these questions, I utilize a variety of geochronologic techniques, including exposure dating with cosmogenic nuclides (such as 10Be, 26Al, and 21Ne) and lichenometry, which allow me to study questions about landscape evolution, the timing of geologic events, and the rates at which geomorphic processes occur. Most of my field areas are glacial terrains, and many of my projects look at determining the timing of glacial events and how quickly glacial deposits have changed since they were deposited. My work involves a balance of field-based studies in alpine areas and Antarctica, laboratory analysis, and numerical modeling.

Additionally, I have broad interests in environmental management and the role of science in decision making. I study the sustainable use of natural resources, quantifying environmental impacts using life cycle assessments, and the role of science in environmental decision making.


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