Request a dual identity

Dual Identity Request Form

Primary Institution: the institution where the user is an employee.

Secondary Institution: the institution where the user is not an employee.

A dual identity is a “Sponsored Account” granted to an employee of Vanderbilt University or Vanderbilt University Medical Center. It will be approved only if there is a requirement by both the primary employment institution and the secondary institution.  The sponsored account will not have a feed managing its life-cycle but will have instead a “term” when it will expire. 

The request form can be submitted for new and extensions of single requests and multiple (upload of an Excel file required).

VUnetID Dual Identity – New or Extension Request Form:

For more information on dual identity policy and procedure visit the website,

Include the following information in your request to prevent delays.

  • The department or unit of both the primary and secondary institutions requiring you to obtain a dual identity.
  • The name of the director or vice-chancellor responsible for the request at both the primary and secondary institution.
  • Name of systems you require access to at the secondary institution.

Notes/Additional information: Please allow five business days for processing. The ID requester is responsible for following up with users in the claiming process.