Request a dual identity

Requesting a dual identity

If you require a second VUnetID for either Vanderbilt University or Vanderbilt University Medical Center, contact your supervisor to submit the following request form for both new IDs and extension requests. The request form can be submitted for single requests and multiple (upload of an Excel file required).

VUnetID Dual Identity New or Extension Request Form:

For more information on dual identity policy and procedure visit the website,


Information needed when submitting requests to Partner Support

Personally identifiable information (PII) is required for all IDs. A dual identity request should include the following information for each user:

  • User(s) name: <first middle last>
  • User(s) current email address: <email address address or>
  • User(s) current VUnetID
  • User(s) current department: (List the specific department or department number, which will not necessarily be the same as the requestor’s.)
  • Requester’s VUnetID: (Your VUnetID)
  • Approver’s VUnetID: (if known)
  • Legal entity for requested new ID: (VU or VUMC)
  • Department for requested new ID: (List the specific department or department number for this individual within the above org group, which will not necessarily be the same as the requestor’s.)
  • New ID expiration date: <MM/DD/YYYY>
  • Notes/Additional information: Please allow five business days for processing.The ID requestor is responsible for following up with users in the claiming process.


Information on requesting RACF IDs for clinical systems

  1. In order to obtain a RACF ID, a VUMC VUnetID must be claimed by the user.
  2. Once the VUnetID is claimed, contact the VUMC department to have a security manager submit the online request form for a RACF ID. Once submitted, this request goes to the Access Systems team.
  3. Submit online RACF ID requests as soon as possible for no less than one week before the user’s target timeline. With large or bulk requests, the security manager should submit RACF ID requests when 25 percent of the VUMC IDs have been claimed.
  4. The Access Systems team processes RACF requests and communicates access information back to the security manager.
  5. The security manager communicates access information to users.