Professor; Patricia and Rodes Hart Chair; LPO Chair, Dept. of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations

Ellen Goldring is Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor and Chair, Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, USA.  Her research interests focus on the intersection of education policy and school improvement with particular emphases on education leadership. A fellow of the American Educational Research Association and Past Vice-President of AERA’s Division L-Policy and Politics, her research examines leadership practice, and the implementation and effects of interventions such as professional development, coaching, and performance feedback.  She is the recipient of the Roald F. Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award from the University Council of Educational Administration

Currently, she is leading the evaluation of the implementation of the Wallace Foundation’s Principal Supervisor Initiative, a district reform initiative that aims to revise the role of principal supervisors in urban districts.   She is studying the implementation of the Instructional Partnership Initiative, a teacher professional learning approach, and is conducting a validation study of a diagnostic assessment of instructional leadership capacity funded by the Institute of Education Sciences.  Her publications include, “Make Room Value-Added Measures: Principals’ Human Capital Decisions and The Emergence of Teacher Observation Data”, Educational Researcher, and, “Multi-Source Principal Evaluation Data: How Principals Approach, Interpret and Use Teacher Feedback Regarding Their Leadership Effectiveness”, Educational Administration Quarterly.

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