Representation of Women in Dickens and Comic Books

This morning when looking through BuzzFeed, I found an article titled “We Had Women Photoshopped into Stereotypical Comic Book Poses and It Got Weird”. This really made me think of my project presentation yesterday and the conversation we had afterwards about unrealistic depictions of women in both comic books and in Dickens. The women of BuzzFeed seemed to catch onto this as well in their experience. The poses they tried to do to look like the Super heroines were physically impossible for them to accomplish. They had to do a lot of work with Photoshop to even resemble the characters. One thing these women noticed within this experience is that none of these were powerful or strong poses even though they were representing heroes. They were all hypersexualized and depicted in weak poses. This reminds me so much of the females we found in the books we read this semester. From Rose Maylie in Oliver Twist, to Laura Fairlie in The Woman in White, and Rosa Bud in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, women are not depicted as powerful. The worst part of this is that this is still occurring today. It is refreshing to see that women like those at BuzzFeed are beginning to speak out about this and show just how ridiculous these depictions truly are.

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