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When Should I Reach Out to Vanderbilt Export Compliance? Export Compliance Program Provides Faculty with Expertise

Posted by on Friday, February 1, 2019 in Uncategorized.

TravelPlease reach out to Vanderbilt Export Compliance (VEC) for assistance if you…

  •  Hire or host foreign nationals
  •  Travel abroad for business purposes
  •  Ship items internationally
  •  Conduct research with dual use possibilities (e.g., research with applications for biological weapons)

While an export can be a physical item, it is often more than shipping a box overseas. Exports can include casual conversations, sending e-mail or even providing training to a foreign national. Knowing when to ask questions and when to enlist help is the best way to prevent inadvertent violations.

The VEC program was created to facilitate regulatory compliance while reducing administrative burden. VEC can help faculty determine when export controls apply, as well as advise on other export activities and provide customized training for departments. Learn more by contacting VEC at