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May, 2019

An inquiry regarding child care at Vanderbilt, and specifically: Do graduate and professional students eligible for child care get some priority over staff/faculty? With the plan to expand services, will students be considered for some priority?

May. 20, 2019—Thank you for your advocacy of the critical need for child care to support the Vanderbilt community and our shared mission of research, teaching and service. Nashville is facing unprecedented growth – at the same time, the number of child care options have decreased due to the prohibitive expense of licensing and operation.  As this...

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Can you explain VU’s endowment returns?

May. 2, 2019—Since endowments typically don’t look at 11-year periods, I’ll start with 10 years.  Over the last 10 years, Vanderbilt’s endowment has returned 4.9% per year.  That ties for 301st out of the 391 endowments reporting 10-year numbers reported by NACUBO.  Among the 93 endowments with over $1 billion in assets under management, it ranks 84th.  Although...

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