7th International Conference on Computational Harmonic Analysis

Birthday Workshop for Akram Aldroubi

On Saturday, May 19, 2018 there will be a special workshop to celebrate the 60th birthday of Akram Aldroubi and to honor his numerous contributions to our field.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

Program:  BirthdayWorkshop

The birthday workshop will feature 30-minute talks by the following speakers:

  • Peter Basser (National Institutes of Health)
  • Carlos Cabrelli (University of Buenos Aires)
  • Chris Heil (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Ilya Krishtal (Northern Illinois University)
  • Ursula Molter (University of Buenos Aires)
  • Gustavo Rohde (University of Virginia)
  • Qiyu Sun (University of Central Florida)
  • Michel Unser (EPFL)

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