Brain tumor cells grown in non-adherent culture, post-growth factor stimulation. Data courtesy K. Konvinse and N. Leelatian.

The Ihrie lab is currently recruiting graduate students and fellows. I aim to foster a diverse and collaborative research environment that brings together researchers interested in brain tumor etiology and treatment, the development and repair of the normal brain, and the fundamental biology and patterning of the stem cell niche. Although prior training in neurobiology, stem cell biology, or cancer biology is desirable, it is not required. I am dedicated to working together with mentees to design exciting research projects that illuminate fundamentals of biology and advance the fields of stem cell biology and cancer research.

Undergraduate students will be expected to work with relevant senior lab members on a well-defined project. The lab is not currently accepting additional undergraduate researchers, but candidates interested in future academic years should send a CV and short (2-3 sentence) description of their research interests to rebecca.ihrie@vanderbilt.edu .

Graduate, Medical and MSTP students will be expected to work closely with the PI and senior lab members during the early stages of their training, and transition towards independence during the second half of their project.  Presentation of research results at national meetings will be encouraged for senior students. All students will be expected to participate in the preparation of manuscripts describing their results and applications for relevant funding opportunities (e.g. travel awards and research fellowships).

If you are a prospective graduate student interviewing at Vanderbilt, ask to have me added to your interview schedule!

If you are a current (rotating) student, please send a short (1-2 paragraph) description of your research interests to rebecca.ihrie@vanderbilt.edu .

Postdoctoral fellows will be expected to apply for relevant competitive funding opportunities, and to exhibit significant independence and initiative in project development. Interested postdoctoral candidates should send 1) a CV, 2) a brief (1 page) description of their ideas for potential postdoctoral research projects, and 3) contact information for three references to rebecca.ihrie@vanderbilt.edu .

Medical resident fellows will be expected to work closely with the PI to develop a focused research project merging their clinical and scientific interests.  Interested candidates should send a CV to rebecca.ihrie@vanderbilt.edu .

The Ihrie lab is not currently hiring a laboratory manager or research assistants – hiring for these positions will be announced through the Cell & Developmental Biology department office.