In addition to teaching introductory or intermediate language courses each semester (Fall 2016 through Fall 2018), I have also developed course content and led classes as a teaching assistant in a cinema course taught at the Cannes Film Festival and an ancient art history course taught in Rome.

In the classroom, I use my background as a theater artist to foster a communicative environment in which students feel the freedom to make mistakes while also challenging themselves to develop their emerging communication skills. I value introducing students to a variety of francophone cultures found throughout La Francophonie of the past and present. To that end, I incorporate drama, film, and interactive historical activities that expose students to the history of the French language from medieval poetry to contemporary forms of popular music.

Courses taught (Vanderbilt University)

French 2203: Intermediate French Language and Cultures

French 1101: Introduction to French in the World (first semester)

French 1102: Introduction to French in the World (second semester)

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