Professor Emeritus since 2013
Research Professor of Economics 2013-
Professor of Economics at Vanderbilt 1993-2013

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, Mass. since 1989

Some recent publications:

“Financial innovation and crises: The view backwards from Northern Rock,” in Jeremy Atack
and Larry D. Neal (eds), The Origins and Development of Financial Markets and Institutions, (Cambridge University Press, 2009): pp. 1-31.

(with Bateman, Haines and Margo) “Did Railroads Induce or Follow Economic Growth? Urbanization and Population Growth in the American Midwest, 1850-1860” Social Science History, 34: 2 (Summer 2010), pp. 171-97.

(with Margo), “The Impact of Access to Rail Transportation on Agricultural Improvement:  The American Midwest as a Test Case, 1850-1860,” Journal of Transportation and Land Use, 4: 2 (2011).

“On the Use of Geographic Information Systems in Economic History: The American Transportation Revolution Revisited,” Journal of Economic History, 73: 2 (June 2013), pp. 313-338. Copyright by Economic History Association doi: 10.1017/S0022050713000284.


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