Dean of Faculty Affairs, College of Arts and Science 
Frances and John Downing Family Chair
Professor of Economics
E-mail: k.saggi@vanderbilt.edu

Dr. Kamal Saggi is the Dean of Faculty Affairs and the Frances and John Downing Family Professor of Economics in the College of Arts and Science at Vanderbilt University.

Two major themes underlying Dr. Saggi’s research are: (i) the inter-relationships between intellectual property rights protection, trade, and technology transfer in the global economy and the (ii) economic underpinnings of the rules and regulations of the contemporary multilateral trading system as embodied in the major trade agreements of the World Trade Organization and its dispute settlement process.

A fairly complete list of Dr. Saggi’s research papers and publications can be found on his Google Scholar page or his REPEC page.

Some of his recent papers can be downloaded from here.