Recent publications

  1. Tariff barriers and the protection of intellectual property in the global economy (with Difei Geng). European Economic Review 144, Article 104074, 2022.
  2. The role of non-discrimination in a world of discriminatory preferential trade agreements (with Woan Foong Wong and Halis Yildiz). Canadian Journal of Economics 55(1), 174-212, 2022.
  3. Patent protection in developing countries and global welfare: WTO obligations versus flexibilities (with Eric W. Bond). Journal of International Economics 122, Article 103281, 2020.
  4. Optimal price regulations in international pharmaceutical markets with generic competition (with Difei Geng). Journal of Health Economics 71, Article 102315. 2020.
  5. Should the WTO require free trade agreements to eliminate internal tariffs?  (with Woan Foong Wong and Halis M. Yildiz). Journal of International Economics 118, 316-330, 2019.
  6. Do free trade agreements affect tariffs of non-member countries? A theoretical and empirical investigation  (with Andrey Stoyanov and Halis M. Yildiz). American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 10(3), 128-170, 2018.

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