Recent publications

  1. Do Free Trade Agreements Affect Tariffs of Non-member Countries? A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation  (with Andrey Stoyanov and Halis M. Yildiz). American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 10(3), 128-170, 2018.
  2. Compulsory Licensing and Patent Protection: A North-South Perspective  (with Rick Bond). Economic Journal 128(610), 1157-1179, 2018.
  3. Bargaining over Entry with a Compulsory License Deadline: Price Spillovers and Surplus Expansion (with Rick Bond). American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 9(1), 31-62, 2017.
  4. Patent Protection and the Composition of Multinational Activity: Evidence from U.S. Multinational Firms (with Olena Ivus and Walter Park). Journal of International Business Studies 48(7), 808-36, 2017.
  5. International Effects of National Regulations: External Reference Pricing and Price Controls (with Difei Geng). Journal of International Economics 109, 68-84, 2017.
  6. Trade and Agricultural Disease: Import Restrictions in the Wake of the India – Agricultural Products Dispute (with Mark Wu). World Trade Review 16(2), 279-302, 2017.

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