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Teaching and Mentoring


SOC 8351 Medical Sociology
SOC 8353 Social Networks and Health
SOC 9363 Social Determinants of Health
SOC 9888 Directed Study on Social Networks and Health
SOC 9888 Directed Study on Social Stratification


SOC 1020 Contemporary Social Issues: Health and Society
SOC 3301 Society and Medicine
SOC 3305 Social Networks and Health
SOC 3851 Independent Research and Writing
MHS 2310 Chinese Society and Medicine
MHS 2430 Social Capital and Health
MHS 7850 Independent Study

MENTORING (Sociology-VU if not specified)

Postdoctoral Fellow

2019-22 Co-Mentor, Academic Pathway Postdoctoral Fellow, Marva Goodson-Miller (Placement: Assistant Professor, Arizona State University)

Dissertation Committee

2024- Member, Yuying Zhao (Computer Science, VU)
2024- Member, Monisola Vaughan
2023 External Examiner, Yaxin Lan (Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
2022- Member, Katrina Rbeiz (Psychological Sciences, VU)
2019- Chair, Yvonne Chen
2018-23 Chair, Philip J. Pettis (ASA Minority Fellow; Best Dissertation Award of the ASA Section on Sociology of Mental Health; Placement: Assistant Professor, Michigan State University)
2020-23 Member, Yiwan Ye (Sociology, University of California, Davis)
2020-21 Member, Cleothia G. Frazier
2019-20 Member, Tam V. Bui (Economics, VU)
2017 External Examiner, Emma Nagy (Health Promotion and Social Epidemiology, Queen’s University, Canada)

Special Area Exam

2022-23 Chair, Zhe Zhang (Medical Sociology)
2018-19 Chair, Yvonne Chen (Medical Sociology, Social Stratification)
2018 Chair, Lacee A. Satcher (Medical Sociology)
2018 Chair, Philip J. Pettis (Medical Sociology)
2018 Member, Cleothia G. Frazier (Medical Sociology)
2017 Member, Ashleigh R. Hope (Medical Sociology)
2015 Member, Rachel Skaggs (Work and Occupation)
2013-14 Member, Gabriela León-Pérez (Medical Sociology)

M.A. Thesis Committee

2022- Chair, Zhe Zhang
2016-17 Chair, Philip J. Pettis
2017-18 Member, Cleothia G. Frazier
2016 Member, Ashleigh R. Hope
2013-14 Member, Peter Schuyler Vielehr

Honor Thesis Committee

2024 Member, Brandon Young
2021 Member, Christopher I. Swafford
2016-17 Chair, May Braverman (Asian Studies, VU)
2015-16 Chair, Karlia Nicole Brown
2016-17 Member, Daier Yuan





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