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The Social Networks and Inequalities Lab (SNAIL)

The SNAIL focuses on social networks, social relationships, and inequalities. Social networks refer to the webs of social relationships linking individuals directly and indirectly. Social relationships exist in diverse forms in various life domains (e.g., romantic relationships, family relationships, kinships, friendships, acquaintance relationships, work relationships, neighbor relationships, faith-based relationships, and offline and online relationships). The SNAIL has three major research themes: how properties of social networks and social relationships produce health and well-being inequalities, how attributes of social networks and social relationships generate social inequalities, and how social forces create social network inequalities and social relationship inequalities.

We boldly propose theories, hypotheses, and research questions but examine them carefully, just like snails that move forward courageously, determinedly, and patiently.

Interested? Join us!

Faculty: Daniel B. Cornfield, Rachel DonnellyLucie Kalousova, Lijun Song (Director)

Post-doctoral Fellow: Marva Goodson-Miller (Placement: Assistant Professor at Arizona State University)

Graduate Students: Yvonne ChenPhilip J. Pettis (Placement: Assistant Professor at Michigan State University), Zhe Zhang

Undergraduate Students: Kerou Cheng, Yiwei Wang




(The School of Athens, Raphael)