Lynn RameyI’m an Associate Professor of French at Vanderbilt University.

My interest in French culture and literature stems from a study abroad experience I had as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania.  Tired of classes and school in general, I went on the only study abroad program available to engineers, which happened to be in Compiègne, France.  I returned to Penn to finish dual degrees in French (which I loved) and engineering (practical). Having experienced the excitement of living in a different culture, I joined the Peace Corps upon graduation, and the next two years found me in Fiji, teaching math and science and living through a military coup. In the end, I opted for what I loved and decided to go to grad school to learn more. My years in France and Fiji forced me to think about interactions between different ethnic groups and cultures, and cultural interaction between Christians and Muslims in the Middle Ages became the topic of my dissertation.

Here at Vanderbilt I am continuing my research on the French Middle Ages, looking at the development of racial consciousness in medieval European literature and the importance of the Middle Ages to modern notions of race.  Over the years I’ve developed a strong interest in French film, and I teach a course in that area most years. In addition, I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in medieval and Renaissance French literature and culture, as well as introductory literature and grammar courses.  I’m working on a digital project on the Discoveries of the Americas, and, as a former computer scientist, I’m fascinated by computing applications for the humanities.