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Digital Projects

My work has lately centered around the use of videogame engines to create immersive environments for the study of medieval language, literature, and culture.

In 2016, I hosted a conference on learning medieval languages in such environments, bringing in experts from medieval studies, second language acquisition, and the videogame industry. Here is the website with our program and links to videos of the presentations. [click here]

I enjoy working with student groups to create these environments. In fall 2017, I presented this poster describing the goals and workflow of a recent project: HASTAC2017

I’ve just completed a book manuscript on Jean Bodel that situates his corpus within anti-crusade rhetoric of his time, and as an auxiliary to the book I’m working with students on a TEI digital edition and translation of his poem of leave-taking, Les congés. While under construction, the site is available and the translation is complete. [click here]

My next larger project will integrate 3D immersive environments and traditional textual scholarship on medieval textual transmission to interrogate the possibilities of creating user empathy and cultural understanding through embodied experiences, such as virtual and augmented reality.