Marijuana Law, Policy, and Authority

November, 2017

New Materials now Organized by Topic and State

To keep the book up to date and to enable more customization (e.g., by state), I have organized all of the new materials posted on this site (updates and links) in two ways: by Topic and by State (where applicable). Check out the new pages (both found under the Additional Materials Tab).

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Caveat Emptor: Are Marijuana Labels Accurate?

As discussed in the book, many legalization states have adopted detailed labeling requirements for marijuana products (see pages 456-462). Among other things, suppliers must clearly indicate the quantity of THC and CBD contained in packages of marijuana. Labeling requirements like these are designed to inform consumers and thereby help them make better consumption choices. To…

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What’s the Point of Rescheduling Marijuana in a Medical Marijuana State?

A number of sites have reported on Kadonsky v. Lee, in which a New Jersey appellate court just ordered a state official to consider rescheduling marijuana under the state’s Controlled Dangerous Substances Act (CDSA). New Jersey’s CDSA is virtually identical to the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance under…

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