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UPDATE: Voters in 3 of 4 States Approve Marijuana Legalization Measures

Posted by on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 in News, Updates.

The poll results from the fall 2018 election are now in. Voters in 3 of 4 states approved marijuana legalization measures.

Michigan voters approved Proposal 1 by 56% to 44%, making Michigan the 11th state (if we include D.C.) to legalize recreational marijuana. North Dakota voters rejected a recreational legalization measure (Measure 3) by 60% to 40%.

Missouri and Utah voters choose to legalize medical marijuana. Missouri’s Amendment 2 passed by 65% to 35% (two other legalization measures failed to capture even a majority of votes); Utah’s Proposition 2 passed by 53% to 47%. (These tallies are preliminary and may change, though the outcomes will not). The November election raises the number of states that have legalized medical marijuana to 34 (again if we include D.C.).

For a description of these measures and a brief analysis of what (if anything) makes them distinctive / significant, see this earlier post, Four Marijuana Measures on the Ballot in November 2018.


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