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Why I Write and Teach About Marijuana Law

Sep. 20, 2018—The publisher of my textbook (Aspen/Wolters Kluwer) has just posted an author spotlight on me. The spotlight consists of an interview I did months ago in which I discuss how I first entered the marijuana law field, why I continue to teach and write in this area, and other related topics. I’ve blogged about many of...

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Teaching Resources

Jul. 24, 2017—Given the booming interest in the laws governing marijuana, it’s no surprise that an ever-growing number of law, graduate, and undergraduate schools are offering courses on marijuana law and policy. In just the last two years, more than 35 schools have adopted my book for use in a course devoted to marijuana law, a steep increase...

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More About the Book

Jul. 17, 2017—Order the book Marijuana Law, Policy, and Authority is the leading textbook on marijuana law. It is widely available from the publisher Wolters Kluwer and from (in both print and e-book formats), among other vendors. Free sample content The Table of Contents and Chapter 1 provide more details about the contents and organization of the book. Chapter 1 also...

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Jul. 10, 2017—Welcome to the Marijuana Law, Policy, and Authority Blog, the official companion website for the pioneering textbook, Robert A. Mikos, Marijuana Law, Policy, and Authority (2017). This website will help keep you abreast of important developments in the field of marijuana law and policy. It also offers some special resources for instructors who teach courses on marijuana law...

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About the Author

Jul. 10, 2017—Robert Mikos is the LaRoche Family Chair in Law at Vanderbilt University and one of the nation’s leading authorities on marijuana law and policy. Over the last decade, he has written, lectured, consulted and testified on the struggles among federal, state, and local officials to control marijuana policy, among other topics. Professor Mikos earned his A.B. cum...

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