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State Restrictions on Interstate Commerce in Cannabis are Unconstitutional

Mar. 3, 2021—The title of this post is the takeaway of a new law review article I have just posted on SSRN. The article challenges the widely held assumption that legalization states may ban imports of cannabis or otherwise prevent nonresidents from participating in their local cannabis markets. Here is the link to a nearly final draft...

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Company Sues Maine for Discriminating Against Non-residents When Licensing Marijuana Businesses

Apr. 2, 2020—A Delaware corporation (Wellness Connection) has sued Maine, challenging a provision of that state‚Äôs recreational marijuana law that bars out-of-state companies and non-resident investors from obtaining commercial marijuana licenses. The suit was filed on March 20, 2020, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maine. The story has been reported in local papers...

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