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The Evolving Federal Response to State Marijuana Reforms

I have just posted a new article discussing how the federal government’s response to state marijuana reforms has evolved over the past 23 years (and through 4 presidential administrations). Readers might be especially interested in the last section of the article, where I discuss how the federal response to state reforms is likely to change…

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Recapping 3 Notable Federal Developments Affecting Marijuana Law in 2018

The title of this post was the focus of my remarks on a panel at the 2018 National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) annual summit in Los Angeles, held at the end of July. The panel drew a packed room, attesting to state lawmakers’ interest in marijuana law and policy. You can watch the full…

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Arizona Supreme Court says State May not Criminalize Possession of Medical Marijuana on College Campuses

On Wednesday, in Arizona v. Maestas, the Arizona Supreme Court invalidated a 2012 state statute that had criminalized the simple possession of medical marijuana on college campuses. The Court found that the statutory prohibition conflicted with a voter approved initiative—the 2010 Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA). The AMMA lists a handful of places where the legislature…

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