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‘intellectual property’

New Article on Enforcement of Marijuana Patents

Jun. 6, 2019—I recommend readers check out Professor Bill McNichol’s (Rutgers) new article on the enforcement of marijuana patents: William J. McNichol, Jr., The New Highwayman: Enforcement of U.S. Patents on Cannabis Products, 101 J. of Patent and Trademark Office Society 24 (2019). (The link is to the SSRN version of the piece.) Here is the abstract:...

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New Article Proposes Expanded State Protections for Marijuana Trademarks

Sep. 22, 2017—As discussed in my book (pages 406-412), marijuana suppliers currently cannot obtain federal protection for their trademarks (or other intellectual property). Some states do provide protection for marijuana trademarks, but that protection is often limited (n. 4, page 411). But Russ Jacobs, who is corporate counsel at Starbucks, has proposed a novel way to expand...

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