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CRS Wrongly Suggests POTUS Could Legalize Marijuana on His Own

Nov. 4, 2021—The title of this post is inspired by a new “report” issued by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). I think calling it a “report” is giving it too much credit — it’s five thinly researched pages of text that simply repeats the old but unfounded idea that the President could unilaterally legalize marijuana federally, without...

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Why the President Cannot Legalize Marijuana via Executive Action

Sep. 30, 2020—I have just posted a paper addressing the question posed by the title of this post. Here’s a link to the paper on SSRN: POTUS and Pot: Why the President May Not (and Should Not) Legalize Marijuana Through Executive Action And here’s the abstract: Could the President legalize marijuana, without waiting for Congress to act?...

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Could the President Legalize Marijuana Through Executive Action?

Mar. 19, 2020—The title of this post is inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign promise “to legalize marijuana in the first 100 days [of his Administration] with executive action.” See here. Other Democratic Presidential hopefuls made similar promises, but since Sanders is the last such candidate standing (former Vice President Joe Biden has made no similar promise),...

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