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USDA Releases Draft of Proposed Hemp Regulations

Oct. 29, 2019—The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has just released its interim rules for the regulation of hemp. The draft rules are designed to fulfill the agency’s responsibility under the 2018 Farm Bill to establish a domestic hemp program. Per the USDA’s document, This interim rule will help expand production and sales of domestic hemp,...

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States have Proposed Hemp Regulations, but None Yet Approved by USDA

Mar. 4, 2019—As I explained back in Nov., the 2018 Farm Bill makes some important changes to federal law governing marijuana. See New Congressional Farm Bill Legalizes Some Marijuana. By redefining “marijuana” to exclude hemp (i.e., cannabis plants with very low levels of THC), the Farm Bill legalizes the manufacture, distribution, and possession of those cannabis plants as...

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