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Directed Reading Program

Spring 2019 Presentations

Join us at 11:00am on Tuesday, April 23 in Stevenson 1206 to see Vanderbilt’s very first DRP presentations!

  • Yan Xu, “Manifold, metric and simple physics”
  • Connor Lehmacher, “Group Theory and Point Set Topology”
  • Marcus Min, “Interesting properties of logic systems”
  • Elijah Sheridan, “Group Theory and Noether’s Theorem”
  • Kevin Gomez, “Möbius inversion and arithmetic functions”


Apply here for the Spring 2019 program.

Delve into math with a mentor

The math club will pilot a Directed Reading Program in Spring 2019. The program, like similar programs at MIT and The University of Chicago, provides motivated students with an opportunity to learn in a more personalized manner with a mentor.

You can

  • Choose a topic or book that interests you
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Work one-on-one with a mentor

How does it work?

Based on your application, we will pair you with a graduate student mentor who we think would be a good fit. You and your mentor will decide on a suitable book (or other reading material, like lecture notes or journal articles) to read. You will explore the reading throughout the semester and prepare a presentation at the end.

Program requirements

By enrolling for the DRP, you commit to

  • At least one hour per week of meeting time with your mentor
  • At least four hours per week of independent work
  • Give a presentation (10-20 minutes) over your work at the end of the semester