MCCE services are listed below.  To discuss operator or application standardization training, please contact the MCCE.  A formal quote from the MCCE is required in advance of any training, and the time frame will be discussed during quoting.

Key to estimate prices: [ 1) VU & VUMC | 2) External Non-profit | 3) All others ].

  1. Application standardization training [ $522.75/ half day | $575.03/ half day | $836.40/half day ]: Training in mass cytometry application standardization (~four hours).  Multiple units may be needed for some techniques.  Provides training in published techniques, such as antibody titration, data validation, data analysis workflows, best practices for longitudinal studies, and use of commercially available antibody sets.  Off campus researchers may request application standardization training to observe mass cytometry protocols and ask questions of MCCE staff.
  2. Operator training [ $3,628.00 | n/a | n/a ]: This course is a prerequisite for independent instrument operation and provides best practices in equipment setup, cleaning, alignment, troubleshooting, and tuning procedures for operators of MCCE Helios instrumentation.  This course is only available to Vanderbilt personnel with approval of MCCE leadership.  Off campus researchers and undergraduates may not take this course or operate MCCE equipment.
  3. Annual Operator Support License [ $4,470.19/year | n/a | n/a ]: Use of Helios instrument and support services, annual license cost per user.  Required for independent operation, cannot be prorated for partial year access.
  4. Instrument operation [ $37.11/hour | n/a | n/a ]: Hourly rate for operation of MCCE mass cytometer.
  5. Annual Software License [ $2,924.97/year | $3,217.47/year | $4,679.95/year ]: Full access to  cloud-based analysis platform, including data management, gating interface, and advanced analysis tools. License is for one individual user, and can be purchased regardless of operator status.

Make sure to contact the MCCE well in advance of any potential plans involving training to discuss timing and a formal quote.

The MCCE is geared towards advanced users with their own metal conjugated antibodies collecting >48 samples per year.  Beginning users and others interested in fee-for-service mass cytometry or data analysis services are encouraged to contact the Cancer & Immunology Core (CIC).