Center Labs

The current FY2019 MCCE groups with operator access are:

  1. Cancer & Immunology Core (CIC), Irish lab
  2. Lab of Brent Ferrell, MD
  3. Lab of Rebecca Ihrie, PhD
  4. Lab of Jonathan Irish, PhD
  5. Lab of Spyros Kalams, MD
  6. Lab of Timothy Blackwell, MD
  7. Lab of Jonathan Lehman, MD, PhD
  8. Lab of Jeff Rathmell, PhD
  9. Lab of Tae Kon Kim, MD, PhD
  10. Single Cell Biology Data Analysis (SCB-DA) Shared Resource, Irish, U54 CA217450

The groups that were Founders of the MCCE in FY2018 were:

  1. Cancer & Immunology Core (CIC), Irish lab
  2. Lab of Brent Ferrell, MD
  3. Lab of Rebecca Ihrie, PhD
  4. Lab of Jonathan Irish, PhD
  5. Lab of Spyros Kalams, MD
  6. Labs of Peggy Kendall, MD, and Timothy Blackwell, MD
  7. Lab of Ken Lau, PhD
  8. Lab of Jonathan Lehman, MD, PhD
  9. Lab of Meena Madhur, MD, PhD
  10. Lab of Pierre Massion, MD, PhD
  11. Lab of Jeff Rathmell, PhD