Student FAQ

This page contains answers to frequent questions from students:

Will you write me a letter of recommendation?

How can I get involved in your research?

  • I am often looking for students or others interested in working as research assistants either in my own personal research or as part of the international group of scholars creating Please do send me an e-mail letting me know of your interest. Some research positions are open during the academic year and others over the summer. I regret, however, that the number of positions are limited.

What can I do with a degree in the History of Christianity?

  • The American Historical Association has several resources on careers for historians here.
  • A similar set of resources can be found on the American Academy of Religion website here.

What advice can you give me about applying to graduate school?
I recommend the following resources at the University of Wisconsin on how to craft an academic CV and personal statement for applications for graduate work in history: