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100 Years of Mock Theta Functions:
New Directions in Partitions, Modular Forms, and Mock Modular Forms

Vanderbilt University

May 22-23 2022


Welcome to the homepage of 100 Years of Mock Theta Functions: New Directions in Partitions, Modular Forms, and Mock Modular Forms.  This conference is part of the Shanks Workshops held at Vanderbilt University and has been delayed until May 2022.  The topics will focus on new developments around the area of partitions, and especially ranks, cranks, and other partition statistics. This will especially focus on the interaction between this field and modular type objects. In particular, modular forms and mock modular forms have long been essential tools in the study partitions and other combinatorial sequences, and this conference is oriented at establishing and furthering dialogue on new developments at the boundary of these two areas. The study of mock modular forms has seen an outburst of activity in the past decade, and several of the defining works of the area first arose out of considering partition statistics such as ranks.We strongly encourage students and postdocs to attend this conference. Some funding may be available, especially for junior participants.


  • Nick Andersen, BYU
  • Krishna Alladi, University of Florida
  • George Andrews, Penn State University
  • Olivia Beckwith, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Amanda Folsom, Amherst College
  • Ayla Gafni, University of Mississippi
  • Frank Garvan, University of Florida
  • Michael Griffin, BYU
  • Marie Jameson, University of Tennessee
  • Antun Milas, SUNY-Albany
  • Ae Ja Yee, Penn State University

The conference poster is here: ConferencePoster100YrsMockTheta

The talks (of willing speakers) will be broadcast on Zoom. It is still important to register for the conference in order to attend on Zoom, and the link will be shared by email.

Recorded talks (from willing speakers) will be posted on the Vanderbilt Number Theory Seminar YouTube page in this playlist:

A transcript of questions raised at the open problem session, compiled by Andreas Mono, is here: IMG_20220524_053436

A transcript of topics raised at the open problem session, compiled by Andreas Mono, is IMG_20220524_053425

Here is a link to info on Brandon William’s Weil-rep package:

It can be downloaded here:




Hotel special rate:

There are several hotels close to campus. In particular, the Holiday Inn offers a 15% discount for all Vanderbilt visitors, including participants of the conference. More info can be found at: Vanderbilt Visitors Discount

Restaurant info:

An interactive map of restaurants is here:

 Registration and Financial Aid

This conference is funded by the NSA, NSF,  Vanderbilt University, and the Shanks Endowment.






Participants are encouraged to disseminate results from projects coming out of collaborations at this conference  as per standard practices in the mathematical sciences. 

In particular, results should be promptly prepared and submitted for publication in traditional research journals. Preprints should also be made publicly available on the arXiv. 

When citing the conference, the following sources should be acknowledged:

The Shanks Endowment,  Vanderbilt University, NSF Grant: “Conference on “100 Years of Mock Theta Functions; New Directions in Partitions, Modular Forms, and Mock Modular Forms”” award number: 1951393, and NSA grant “100 Years of Mock Theta Functions,” award number: H98230-20-1-0022.



  • Larry Rolen, Vanderbilt University
  • Ian Wagner, Vanderbilt University