Below is a list of speakers. The abstracts for the talks can be found here.

Minicourse Speakers

Speaker Affiliation Title
Bradd Hart McMaster University Continuous model theory and operator algebras
Justin Moore Cornell University Groups of piecewise linear and piecewise projective homeomorphisms
Roman Sasyk Universidad de Buenos Aires On the classification of Type III von Neumann Algebras
Simon Thomas Rutgers University A descriptive view of unitary group representations
Anush Tserunyan UIUC Countable Borel equivalence relations

Invited Speakers

Speaker Affiliation Title
Alessandro Carderi TU Dresden Ultraproducts of Betti numbers
Ionut Chifan University of Iowa II_1 factors with non-isomorphic ultrapowers
Clinton Conley Carnegie Mellon University Følner tilings via matchings
Kristin Courtney University of Virginia Finite Dimensionally Normed Elements in an RFD C*-algebra
Daniel Drimbe UC San Diego Prime II_1 factors arising from irreducible lattices in products of rank one simple Lie groups
Isaac Goldbring UC Irvine Model theory of abelian C*-algebras
Aleksandra Kwiatkowska University of Muenster Properties of groups of measurable functions
Yash Lodha EPFL On the Tarski numbers of groups of piecewise projective homeomorphisms
Martino Lupini Cal Tech A notion of dimension for inclusion of C^*-algebras, and applications (joint work with Eusebio Gardella and Mehrdad Kalantar)
Andrew Marks UCLA Borel circle squaring
Paul McKenney Miami University in Ohio Rigidity and nonrigidity of corona algebras
Christian Rosendal UIC Coarse equivalence, topological couplings and a theorem of Gromov
Marcin Sabok McGill University Hyperfiniteness of boundary actions of cubulated hyperbolic groups
Thomas Sinclair Purdue University Robinson forcing in C*-algebras
David Sherman University of Virginia Cardinal invariants for von Neumann algebras
Slawek Solecki UIUC Dynamics of monoid actions on compact semigroups (and Ramsey theory)
Gabor Szabo University of Munster On the classification of Rokhlin flows
Aaron Tikuisis University of Aberdeen Quasidiagonality
Andrew Toms Purdue University The complexity of the isomorphism problem for nuclear separable C*-algebras
Asger Tornquist University of Copenhagen Characterizing Polish groups of finite type
Robin Tucker-Drob Texas A&M Inner amenable groupoids and compact actions
Todor Tsankov Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu–PRG Model theory of measure-preserving actions
Anatoly Vershik St. Petersburg State University RSK, representation of infinite symmetric group and Plancherel measure