Interactive Diagram

In order to use this diagram you will have to download the Mathematica CDF player.  This is a free download but may take up to 15 minutes to download and install depending on your internet speed.

This player will function using Internet Explorer and Firefox but NOT IN GOOGLE CHROME.

To use this diagram:

1. Click on the small + symbol next to the toggle bars to drop down the numeric display.

2. Set your initial orientation direction using the buttons at the top of the diagram.

3. You can either drag the bar on the continuum or change the numbers below the bar to set the local time and the butterfly time.  Please note that the time is in 24 hour time, so 2 am = 2 but 2 pm = 14.

4. As you change the butterfly time or local time the arrow on the compass face will point in the direction the butterflies would travel for that mis-navigation event.

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