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1. Political economy

Political Conflict over Time, American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming. Together with Will Howell and Stefan Krasa.

Candidate competition and voter learning in the 2000–2012 US presidential primaries Public Choice, 178 (2019): 115–151. Together with George Deltas.

Political Competition in Legislative Elections, American Political Science Review, 112 (2018): 809-825. Together with Stefan Krasa.

Costly Voting with Multiple Candidates, Games and Economic Behavior, 106 (2017): 38-50. Together with Mariam Arzumanyan.

Party Polarization in Legislatures with Office-Motivated Candidates, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 132 (2017): 1509-1550. Together with Jim Snyder.

Learning and Coordination in the Presidential Primary System Review of Economic Studies, 83 (2016): 1544-1578. Together with George Deltas and Helios Herrera.

Policy divergence and voter polarization in a structural model of elections, Journal of Law and Economics, 57 (2014), 31-76. Together with Stefan Krasa.

Social ideology and taxes in a differentiated candidates framework, American Economic Review, 104(2014), 308-322. Together with Stefan Krasa.

The rule of law in the fight against terrorism, American Journal of Political Science, 58(2014), 511–525. Together with Tiberiu Dragu.

The administrative foundation of the rule of law, Journal of Politics, 75 (2013), 1038 – 1050. Together with Tiberiu Dragu.

Political competition between differentiated candidates, Games and Economic Behavior , 76 (2012), 249-271. Together with Stefan Krasa.

The option to wait in collective decisions, Journal of Public Economics, 96 (2012), 524-540. Together with Matthias Messner.

Competition between specialized candidates, American Political Science Review, 104 (2010), 745 -765 . Together with Stefan Krasa.

The binary policy model, Journal of Economic Theory, 145 (2010), 661-688. Together with Stefan Krasa

Is mandatory voting better than voluntary voting?, Games and Economic Behavior, 66 (2009), 275-291. Together with Stefan Krasa

Political Polarization and the Electoral Effects of Media Bias, Journal of Public Economics, 92 (2008), 1092-1104. Together with Stefan Krasa and Dan Bernhardt. (Media coverage)

Investment under Uncertainty in Dynamic Conflicts, Review of Economic Studies, 73 (2006), 505-529.

Positive and negative campaigning , Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 1 (2006), 351-371. Together with David Yi.

Primaries and the New Hampshire EffectJournal of Public Economics, 90 (2006), 1073-1114. Together with Tilman Klumpp.

Paying PoliticiansJournal of Public Economics, 88 (2004), 2423-2445. Together with Matthias Messner

Voting on Majority Rules, Review of Economic Studies, 71 (2004), 115-132.  Together with Matthias Messner.

2. Public economics, IO and insurance economics

The Value of Technology Improvements in Games with Externalities: A Fresh Look at Offsetting Behavior , Journal of Public Economics, 131 (2015), 12–20. Together with Mike Hoy.

Advantageous Effects of Regulatory Adverse Selection in the Life Insurance MarketEconomic Journal, 116 (2006), 167-194. Together with Mike Hoy and Asha Sadanand)

Cooperation in Stochastic OLG modelsJournal of Economic Theory 108 (2003), 152-168. Together with Matthias Messner.

Herding and Antiherding: A Model of Reputational Differentiation, European Economic Review, 45 (2001), 385-403. Together with Matthias Effinger.

The Value of Genetic Information in the Life Insurance MarketJournal of Public Economics. 78 (November 2000), 235-252. Together with Mike Hoy.

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