Ramachandran Lab

Lab Members

Peter Bohlen
Research Assistant

Maggie Dylla
Research Assistant

Jason Grigsby

In our lab, I support our study of the neural basis of hearing and signal detection. I am particularly interested in identifying a reasonable set of fundamental units of hearing that can be summed to model results for more complex stimuli. This currently is steering me towards topics of two-tone suppression, critical bands and the effects of modulated signals and noise.

LeAnne Kurela
Graduate Student

I am interested in multisensory integration; how the brain processes information from different sensory modalities and integrates them into one coherent perception of events. I am studying this integration coding in the superior colliculus

Aaron Nidiffer
Graduate Student

I’m interested in auditory and multisensory spatial processing and
behavior in cats and monkeys. My research is focused on how the brain
locates auditory stimuli in scenes of varying complexity. I also study
how adding visual information changes neuronal activity and performance.

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