Research Focus

My research focus remains relatively broad as I continue to narrow my interests into more specific areas. In a general sense, I am interested in the lived experiences of refugees, immigrants, and displaced persons as they are described in French literature. I am also interested in the social, economic, and political mechanisms which drive and contribute to various diasporas.

I enthusiastically welcome reading suggestions which relate, however loosely, to any of the above topics.

Vanderbilt University Coursework

SLS 6030 – Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

FREN 8020 – French Feminism

FREN 8075 – Francophone Caribbean Literature

FREN 8080 – French Film

FREN 8050 – Seminar in 19th Century French Literature

FREN 8070 – Seminar in Francophone Literature

FREN 8090 – Seminar in 16th Century French Literature

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